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Creme de la Creme

"A flower's appeal is in its contradictions

So delicate in form yet strong in fragarance, 

So small in size yet big in beauty,

So short in life yet long on effect"


Picture of Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful

From $111.03

Strong Lady, out spoken, daring to do what others don't, BUT she is beautiful like this bouquet, strong colors and daring flowers, white hydrangea, yellow cymbidium orchid, purple deep roses and explorer red roses, white calla lilies, green hypericum and purple liatrus. Each flower, each color stands out but yet, all combined together make a beautiful bouquet. standard size 20" tall and 15" wide

Picture of Passionate about You

Passionate about You

From $185.05

Yes, Yes, I love you and I am so passionate about you, those 3 dozen red roses are a token of my deep love to you.

Picture of Shinning Star

Shinning Star

From $96.23

You are my sunshine and you are my shining star. those flowers shine like the sun, bright yellow roses peak out of the white hydrangea, white calla lilies, white snapdragon, white mums, white lilies and blush cymbidium orchid, arranged in white ceramic vase. Standard size is 14" tall and 16" wide

Picture of Blooms Explosion

Blooms Explosion

From $111.03

Exotic and tropical meet roses in unique explosion. Explosion of flowers and colors. orange pin cushion, purple calla lilies, red roses, shimmer roses, orange berries, red skimmia all fanned with spiral eucalyptus. Please allow 2- 5 days before ordering this product. thank you.

Picture of Thinking of You

Thinking of You

From $111.03

Thinking of you when you are sad, happy, tired or just feeling the blues. Our Designer created this arrangement for sad occasion, although the colors are dark but full of emotion, class, elegance and beauty. Burgundy cymbidium orchid, orange snapdragon, red lilies, red roses, red mums, red skimmia and a touch of lime green hydrangea for that ray of light to assure the special one that your are thinking of them. standard size is 20" tall and 14" wide.

Picture of Tulip Galore

Tulip Galore

From $277.58

For those who love tulips, this one is for you. A splendor arrangement of white tulips arranged in a large basket. 200 stems of tulips, any color would make your loved one so happy to receive it.

Picture of Starlight


From $185.05

Picture of Dozen of Red Roses with Fillers

Dozen of Red Roses with Fillers

From $103.63

Valentine's roses, deep red for deep love and care, send those to whom you love the most, 12 long stem ecuadorian roses, primium quality, arranged in clear vase with assorted fillers, hypericum, Baby's breath and wax flowers or snow berries, accented with fancy bow.

Picture of Colorful Wish

Colorful Wish

From $148.04

Picture of Enchanted Blooms

Enchanted Blooms

From $133.24